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Remember when you could eat an entire pizza and have a chocolate brownie and never gain a pound? Remember when you could go on 3 hours of sleep, work all day, and still have energy to chase your three year old toddler? Remember when your hair shined, your face glowed, and not a wrinkle or […]

Botox®️ botulinum toxin type A. Why inject poison into your body?

Botox is used for temporary improvement in the appearance of vertical lines between the eyebrows (11s, mean mug), fan shaped lines from the corners of the eye (crows feet ),or forehead lines seen with raised eyebrows, when the severity of the facial lines has an important psychological impact in an adult. It can also be […]

Sermorelin and Other Amazing Peptides

Peptides are a class of chemically active substances linked together by amino acids using peptide bonds.http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov They have specific physiological duties, including turning white fat into brown fat. Peptides work as signal molecules regulating the Neuroendocrine and metabolic system. They have been widely used in the treatment and prevention of metabolic diseases with low toxicity […]

Female sexual dysfunction

Let’s face it this is the elephant in the room. Every day you see multiple commercials about mens sexual dysfunction and medications to treat them. What about the women they are having sex with? Where are they getting their treatment? Today we’re going to face the elephant in the room. Many women experience problems with […]

Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting®️) is it right for me?

Body contouring is an appealing option for anyone hoping to eliminate stubborn fat pockets. Cryolipolysis is one of the safest nonsurgical body contouring techniques available today. There is no downtime, no surgery, and you get great results. That is, if you are the right candidate. Cryo-lipolysis is not a weight loss treatment However, you may […]