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Assess & Stratify Health Risk

Body Shape Analysis. Calculate waist circumference and analyze your shape. Determine your risk level for disease using waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio.


Styku’s fitness tools to provide precise body composition without the inconvenience of a dunk tank, but with the precision of a Dexa scan.


Measure Body Fat & Overall Fitness.
Body Fat Analysis

Determine body composition and non-fat vs fat mass every time you scan.

Compare your fitness level with national averages and see how you rank.

Risk Analysis

View and track anthropometric measurements, like subcutaneous fat changes across multiple scans. Calculate increased likelihood of obesity-related diseases using anthropometric measurements.Tie-in key measurements with health risks, and track how those measurements are changing over the course of a wellness program.

Risk Reduction

Using an interactive calculator, explore how reduction in anthropometric measurements can reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases.

Fat Loss Calculator

Set fat loss goals for body fat % and fitness level, and track progress across multiple scans. Reach your goal in a specified amount of time by setting the amount of weight per week you’d like to lose.

Caloric Expenditure

Styku will determine the required calorie deficit per day to meet your goal.

Explore your energy balance by setting your desired activity level to meet your goal and calculate your maximum calorie intake.

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